Service Details

FACIALS - Customized once you've had a consultation. Facials last approximately 50+ min. and include cleansing, exfoliating, steaming (in most cases), extractions (in most cases), a relaxing face and neck massage, a mask and finishing creams.

FACIAL CHEMICAL PEEL (glycolic & salicylic) - 20 min. in and out service. A very effective way to shed layers of the dead skin to help with fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne. It leaves you looking and feeling brighter and smoother. There is no down time with this level of peel but a minimum of SPF 30 is needed for days after and is always strongly recommended even after that.

BACK FACIALS - 30 min. service where you lay on your stomach and your back is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, masked, and then finishing cream is applied. Extractions are done if needed as well.

SUNLESS TAN APPLICATION - Once you've exfoliated your whole body well,  you'll come in and I'll apply a color of tanning lotion best suited for you skin. Color will be seen immediately and will dry within minutes. Disposable underwear and bra are available if needed. Please be sure to wear loose and dark clothing to go home in even though the color usually doesn't stain your clothing, it may still rub off a little. A shower may be taken hours later. No orange color or funny smell, just a nice, healthy and bronzed glow! You can take home more tanner to apply yourself to darken it up for an additional price or can schedule a couple tanning applications close together to get deeper and darker results.  **Coming soon- An airbrush tan application and before & after pics!

FOOT SOAK - A 5 min. relaxing and cleansing hot foot soak in a massaging foot bath. When done, a moisturizer is applied to the feet. (must ask for as an add on service when making facial appointment) 

FOOT FACIAL- a 25-30 min. service that includes a relaxing foot soak in a massaging foot bath, an invigorating foot scrub, a moisturizing foot mask and a finishing moisturizer. (may add this before a relaxing facial or a separate service)

HAND PARAFFIN DIP - A moisturizing dip into a hot paraffin bath. After a short period of time, it is removed and the arms and hands are massaged with a moisturizing lotion.

CHEMICAL PEEL ADD ON - As an add-on to a facial, it's only $15 dollars more and takes the place of the exfoliation step. No steam will be used if a peel is added on. Must receive consultation first before being able to do this add on. 


Please be sure to talk about how long your hair is and has been growing with your esthetician before you make your first waxing appointment. Please inform your esthetician if you've been tanning recently or have fake tanner on. Also don't forget to mention if you've seen a dermatologist within the year and/or if you're taking anything prescribed from one because some products aren't good to use within months of waxing.

There are  3 different bikini waxes. A classic bikini is all hair right outside the bikini line, including a little off the top and stomach if wanted or needed. An extended bikini wa is like the classic bikini plus a little more inward and some of the bottom area. The brazilian is all hair and the bottom area but a little patch of hair may be left for "decoration" if wanted. If hair is needed to be waxed down on the inner thigh/leg area, there may be an extra charge for that.




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